LEGAL WARNING - Molina Protein
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This website has been created by Andrés Molina & Asociados, S.L.  with informative character for personal and free use.


All the information contained in this website, including any type of content, texts, images, graphic designs, among others, is intellectual property owned by Andrés Molina & Asociados.


It is the responsibility of Andrés Molina & Asociados to exercise exclusively the rights of exploitation of the mentioned intellectual property, in any form, and especially the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.


Internet users who access this website are expressly authorized to view all the information contained in it, as well as to “download” or private reproductions of it in their own computer systems, provided that the elements they have reproduced are intended solely for the user’s personal use and are not subsequently transferred or transmitted to third parties or installed on any server directly or indirectly connected to the Internet or a local network, so that these third parties can access said information owned by Andrés Molina & Asociados through means other than the website itself. In this sense, Internet users are not authorized to proceed with the distribution, modification, assignment or public communication of the information (in texts or images) contained in the website, including its sending via email or its distribution, in any form and whatever its purpose, to a plurality of users.


Any infringement of the prohibitions and limitations contained in the previous paragraph, will be considered infringement of the intellectual property rights owned by Andrés Molina & Asociados, and will give rise to the legally established responsibilities for that purpose, being able to be persecuted by the latter through the exercise of the administrative, civil or criminal actions that, where appropriate or correspond.


Access to this website and the use that its users can make of the information contained therein, is the sole responsibility of said users. Andrés Molina & Asociadoswill not be liable for any consequences, damages or losses that may arise from such access or use of information.


Likewise, Andrés Molina & Asociados is the owner of the industrial property rights related to its products and services and specifically those related to the trademark “Andrés Molina & Asociados” and all those mentioned throughout the website, and specifically the collected in the channel of brands and products.


The access of Internet users to this website in no way gives them any right to use or exploit in any way such industrial property rights. Any infraction or injury that occurs in this sense, will give rise to the legally established responsibilities, and may be prosecuted by Andrés Molina & Asociados through the exercise of administrative, civil or criminal actions that, where appropriate or correspond.


Andrés Molina & Asociados ndoes not guarantee the absence of errors in the access to its website, nor in its content, nor that it is updated, although it will develop in efforts to, in its case, avoid, correct them, or update said content. Likewise, Andrés Molina & Asociados will not assume any type of responsibility for information of any type contained in other webs, to which this web site can send by means of hypertext links or “links”. The purpose of the links that appear on this website is exclusively informative, not assuming, in any case, a suggestion or invitation to the user to visit the websites of destination. Andrés Molina & Asociados will not be, in any case, responsible for the result that the Internet user of the webs that he / she accesses through the aforementioned links can or will obtain.


Andrés Molina & Asociados will not be responsible for any damages that may be caused to the computer system of Internet users for any reason, including, but not limited to, damages that may be caused to the Internet user as a result of the existence of viruses in the Internet. network. Likewise, Andrés Molina & Asociados will not be liable for any interruption, error or failure that may occur in the system as a consequence of a malfunction of the network or the servers connected to it.


Andrés Molina & Asociados reserves the right to prohibit or prevent access to any Internet user who enters into the website any type of content that is contrary to legal or immoral regulations. In addition, Andrés Molina & Asociados will adopt the legal measures it deems appropriate to prevent any type of conduct that is contrary to law or immoral and will cooperate with the authorities in the identification of the responsible persons who enter in the website contents that may suppose a violation of the law.


Andrés Molina & Asociados reserves the right to carry out at any time and without prior notice, modifications and updates of the information contained on its website or in the configuration and presentation thereof.